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Saturday, 14 May 2011

May's Mid Month tutorial & inspiration

The lovely Michelle has brought you a great Party/Gift bag tutorial this month
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Gift/Party Bag Tutorial

What you need
Double sided Tape
ink (not essential)
decorative edges scissors (not essential)
bone folder
pokey tool

 any size envelope - I'm using an A4
items to decorate, e.g. digi images etc.
Step 1
Take your envelope and lay your ruler along the bottom edge, you want to use the width of the ruler as a guide. The bag will be double this in width, if you want it bigger just adjust where you place the ruler.
Step 2
fold the envelope back over the ruler and score by running your finger along the ruler

or you can score using your bone folder (or other tool you use for folding)
Step 3
you want to fold the two long sides of the envelope in the same way
Step 4
to ensure your creases have been creased enough, fold the crease back over on itself and run your finger or bone folder over it again a few times each way

this is how your envelope should now look

Step 5
This bit is a little tricky you want to fold the corner to allow taping the corners in so the bag will stand up.
***edited to add photo***

Step 6
Add double sided tape or glue to the corners of the bag

Step 7
and stick them underneath so the bottom of the bag looks like this

Step 8
If you have your images and embellishments all ready before you start then you can now get straight onto decorating the party bag, I've used some dp as a background and cut the top with fancy edged scissors

then I had a little play around with the layout of the embellies until i decided where they looked best

This is my finished party bag. I've added the name of the recipient and a wee tag of which I'll add a note of thanks for coming to the party. Last year I added a thank you note for any gifts we received too so I didn't have to do separate thank you's.

The bags can be made out of any envelope size, the smaller the envelope the more fiddly it is, however they make great wee gift bags too.

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